Uniform, Armed & Unarmed Security Guards, Licensed, Bonded & Insured!

Security Patrol in New York

First Alert Security Service provides professional security patrolling in New York.

Call us for the protection of both your life and property!

24 Hour Security Patrol

First Alert Security Service provides 24-hour security patrol to protect your property or premises. Our guards work around the clock on a regular shift system to keep your facility safe 24/7.

Each of our security guards communicates with their supervisors so there is continual feedback on the patrolling. Any unusual movement is checked, dealt with and reported back to our headquarters.

Security patrolling around the clock

Security Patrol   New York

Residential Patrolling

Security Patrol  Brooklyn

Residential patrolling has proven to be truly effective in deterring crime. First Alert Security Service offers residential patrolling of your house and the whole neighborhood.  

Trained in criminal and police defensive techniques, our guards have the skills and experience to handle crime when faced with it. Contact us for more information about our 24-hour patrol service! 

More effective than neighborhood watch

Our Strengths:

  • Police defensive tactics
  • Followed and screened by psychologist
  • Fully-equipped guards
  • Effective and innovative security solutions

All our security guards are uniformed!